Manchester United captain Harry Maguire says it felt "so safe" returning to training this week following the Premier League's first round of coronavirus testing.
The medical director of NHS England has defended his staff after Boris Johnson suggested health workers would be to blame for seeding coronavirus into the…
Google and Apple have launched their coronavirus contact-tracing system on smartphones around the world.
The government is to release £150m from dormant bank accounts to help charities, social enterprises and vulnerable people during the coronavirus lockdown.
A second man has died after he and two others were attacked by a water buffalo in Wales.
The first DIY COVID-19 antibody test available on the high street provides a "partial picture" and is good for "satisfying people's curiosity but no more",…
Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will race alongside Lando Norris for McLaren in Sunday's Virtual Monaco GP.
It has been commonplace for a while now, in countries like Germany and Switzerland, but today the UK was able to join the enviable ranks…
Homemade face masks can help limit the spread of coronavirus - but they do have downsides, according to a new study.
A man has been detained for hanging a towel emblazoned with the Union Jack from a building in Turkey, officials in the country said.




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