Harry Potter fan sparks firearms police swoop after wand mistaken for knife

February 12, 2024

Police officers in Leicester rushed to a local hotel after a report of a man carrying a large knife - which turned out to be a Harry Potter fan with a wand.

Firearms officers from Blaby Police went to a "large hotel" in the village of Enderby, just outside Leicester city, on Sunday morning after the man was spotted with what witnesses believed was a weapon near the lifts.

A post on the local police Facebook page said: "Following enquiries we quickly established that it was a Harry Potter fan with a wand.

"Thankfully no harm was caused to any resident and there was no sign of Voldemort."

One of those who commented on the post quipped, "Are you being sirius?!" - referencing Harry's godfather in the fantasy novels series, Sirius Black.

Another said, "expecto patrol-man!" - a pun on the powerful Patronus Charm featured in the books.

Leicester Police said they were unable to provide further details about the incident.

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