Efforts to compensate victims of Ponzi fraudster Allen Stanford have recouped more than $1bn, lawyers for a court-appointed receiver have revealed.
As many as one-in-four UK households receive energy from providers that could face collapse as a consequence of soaring gas prices, industry sources have warned.
Global stock markets have fallen sharply on a cocktail of worries led by a potential crisis brewing in China - and added to by gas…
Expect to see misinformed commentary from some quarters in coming days about how the crisis currently engulfing small household energy suppliers is all the fault…
Surging wholesale gas prices mean a number of suppliers are on the brink of collapse - and consumers are facing ever higher prices.
There is "absolutely no question of the lights going out this winter" and the energy price cap will remain in place despite escalating gas prices,…
More than a dozen of Britain's smaller energy suppliers have accused their industry regulator of being "unfit" to oversee the deepening crisis that has left…
Facebook has denied reports which claimed it "conducts research and then systematically and wilfully ignores it if the findings are inconvenient for the company".
The advice to households on energy bills has always been to save big through fixed-rate deals and to switch supplier or tariff when the contract…
Households are facing much higher winter energy bills due to a global surge in wholesale power and gas prices.
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