'Miracle baby' found crawling along motorway two days after disappearance in Mississippi

July 11, 2024

A one-year-old "miracle baby" survived for two days before being found crawling along the road by a truck driver in Mississippi.

Louisiana sheriff Gary 'Stitch' Guillory said the baby - who was feared to have died after disappearing on Saturday - had numerous bug bites but otherwise appeared to be in good condition on Tuesday.

It comes after the baby's four-year-old brother was found dead in a lake behind a motorway services near the Texas state line on Monday.

Police investigating his death said the boy was last been seen with his mother, Aaliyah Jack, 25, of Lake Charles, and the one-year-old on 6 July.

She was arrested on Monday night in Meridian, Mississippi, more than 350 miles from where the kids were found.

After the body of the four-year-old had been found, authorities, fearing the worst, were preparing search the lake for the baby, before the truck driver called 911.

"We look at this one-year old as our miracle baby because he was still alive," an emotional Mr Guillory said at a news conference.

He said the child had spent two days exposed to the elements while intermittent heavy rain and high winds swept across the state.

Hurricane Beryl also struck east Texas early on Monday - a storm that has left seven people dead and millions without power across the southern US states.

"This kid spent two days out in the weather on the side of the highway," Mr Guillory said. "Thank God that trucker saw him."

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The children's mother, Jack, is set to be extradited to Louisiana, where she is charged with failure to report a missing child.

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