Balcony moment shows what a positive distraction family has been for both royal cancer patients

June 15, 2024

For a family who've been through so much this year, it was time to face the public together. 

The King and Queen leading the procession in the Scottish state coach, his cancer diagnosis meaning he couldn't join Prince William, Princess Anne and Prince Edward on horseback this year.

And then the wait was over. Finally, we saw the Princess of Wales again.

More than anyone, she's used to having the camera lenses locked onto her, but after so many months being out of the public eye, you can imagine this must have been a little daunting.

But there was no sign that she was trying to hide away, as she looked directly towards the cameras and waved.

In the glass coach she was, after all, in her happy place with her three children, who have clearly been giving her so much joy during those harder times she wrote about.

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Prince Louis dances to bagpipes
Trooping the Colour as it happened

At Horse Guards Parade, the King more prominently took centre stage, for his official birthday parade and the Irish Guard Trooping the Colour.

His own cancer diagnosis had made events like this uncertain, but this was again a display of his own determination to be back on duty.

Queen Camilla, seen tapping her feet to the music, this was a happier moment for them all.

It is easy to forget the King is still having treatment, just like his daughter-in-law watching from the balcony above, who had the distraction of keeping an eye on a wonderfully lively Prince Louis.

Then it did rain on their parade. In fact the heavens opened. All of us, the soldiers, the crowds and the royals on horseback got drenched as they returned for the final salute.

As the sea of umbrellas and people were moved down The Mall towards the front of the palace, I could hear one of the bands playing.

It's not clear if it was a last-minute change to the soundtrack, but the very apt rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow seemed to pay off.

A rare moment for them all to be together

Blue sky appearing literally as the Royal Family made their way onto the balcony for a rare event in the year when they can all be together.

A moment that showed the comfort and positive distraction that family has been for both royal cancer patients in recent months.

As the national anthem played again, Princess Charlotte gave little Louis a nudge to be on his best behaviour, telling him to hold his arms by his side, as at the last minute, their favourite, the RAF flypast, was saved by a break in the weather.

All eyes and smiles trained on the skies, following the roar of the Red Arrows, leaving their red, white and blue vapour trails behind.

This had been a moment about the King and Princess of Wales, father-in-law and daughter-in law.

Both still on a journey to recovery, one they continue to want to share with the nation for the positives they hope it can bring.

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