Tyson Fury vs Oleksand Usyk: Who wins? Will Anthony Joshua be champ again? Delicious Orie's heavyweight predictions

February 17, 2024

Sky Sports asks Great Britain Olympic hope and European Games gold medallist Delicious Orie for his heavyweight predictions as he looks at the year ahead for the division.

Who will become the undisputed champion when Tyson Fury fights Oleksandr Usyk?

Delicious Orie said: "I think Tyson Fury just about edges it. I'm not taking anything away from Usyk. If Fury turns up mentally I feel like he's the heavyweight to beat and I feel like it will be very difficult to beat a heavyweight like Tyson Fury."

Can Anthony Joshua become a champion again before the end of the year?

DO: "Of course I do believe he can become a champion. He's got the heart of a lion. He's always been somebody that I've looked up to. I feel like, whenever he's performing or talking, there's a bit of me in there. I can feel it. He's got that real lion in him. So I do believe he has what it takes.

"It's difficult. He's 33 years old. He's got all the money in the world. He's got all the fame. I believe that's harder - to be able to stay up there and to deal with the critics than actually coming up.

"The coming up is easier than staying there and being able to manage yourself and not really manage the money and not be too comfortable. That's the hard bit. Fair play to him, he's doing his thing."

Can Frazer Clarke become the British heavyweight champion?

DO: "I hope so. If there's one person I want to see British champion it's Frazer Clarke. I've always said this. I've done so many rounds with Frazer Clarke and he's the one who's got me from that domestic scene to that international scene.

"There's no one else I want to see do well than Frazer. He's a good guy. In the heart he's a good guy. So I really wish him the best of luck with everything."

And in August who is going to become the Olympic super-heavyweight champion?

DO: "I wouldn't be sitting here if I didn't want to be the gold medallist and I want to do it. I really do. I want to make the world know who I am, Delicious Orie.

"All in good time. Like my mum always says, all in good time."

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