Active Withernsea began in 2018, funded by Sport England, as one of twelve pilots across the country. The approach sees local people developing their own projects, to look at ways for everyone to enjoy a more active life, regardless of people's ability or background.

Five years on from its launch, the investment and approach is making a real difference, positively impacting on physical activity and lifestyles, and transforming the community in Withernsea.

In 2018, 44 percent of people in Withernsea were inactive, doing under 30 minutes of exercise a week. In 2024 this has reduced to 15 percent of residents being inactive. The percentage of residents who are very active, doing more than 150 minutes of exercise a week, has increased from 44 percent to 62 percent.  Happiness and satisfaction with life has improved and anxiety amongst Withernsea residents has reduced. Activity for those with a disability has seen the biggest increase.

Kristina Richardson, Active Withernsea Manager, says the community has changed in a positive way. She said: "Active Withernsea began with the aim of breaking down barriers which stop people being active. The whole community has worked together, residents along with partners from the Town Council to caravan parks, sports clubs, parenting groups, schools, GPs and faith organisations. Together we have been on an evolving journey, developing ways for people to be active - ways that works for the people who live here in Withernsea.

"What has been achieved so far, and the difference it has made to people, has been amazing! Active Withernsea is truly inspiring a happier, healthier, more active Withernsea."

Supported by Active Withernsea, the community has developed sea and beach sports, fitness and heritage walks, skateboard sessions, disc golf and a colour run enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Schools now have sports and active travel ambassadors and an All Wheelz bike and scooter loan scheme means young people can travel actively to and from school and around the town. An adapted bike project has also been established for those with a disability or mobility issues.

Janine Foster is a member of Withernsea Tennis Association. She said: "I've enjoyed being a part of establishing something new. We lead tennis sessions for the community, and we are now working on reinstating the tennis courts in the town. It's great from a social aspect too, and lots of local people are trying new activities and being active in all sorts of different ways."

Councillor Barbara Jefferson, cabinet member for coastal communities said: "I am delighted that five years on from its launch, Active Withernsea is delivering fantastic results for the town.

"It is a great example of how place-based working and looking at specific communities' needs can bring real positive change. The impacts on people have shown not only to bring physical benefits, but also positive social and mental health benefits. The effects will be felt in the long-term, helping people to prevent, delay and reduce ill health. This proactive and preventative approach means there will be less demand on health and social care services as people age."

A Physical Activity and Community Engagement (PACE) network has been established to lead physical activity projects going forward and ensure that the work continues when the Sport England funding finishes. More than 100 local residents, groups and partners are now directing the next steps to continue to deliver sustainable benefits for the people of Withernsea.

You can read more about Active Withernsea and find out What's On: and find the team on Facebook @ActiveWithernsea

If you would like to get involved in activities where you live, there are a variety of groups on offer, see What's On: