Polish President Andrzej Duda is leading with the most votes in the country's presidential election, an exit poll shows.
Formula 1's delayed 2020 season is finally set to begin from Friday in Austria - with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, the grid's two most…
US Vice President Mike Pence has been forced to cancel re-election campaign events as the coronavirus surged in a number of battleground states.
Jarrell Miller's co-promoter Dmitriy Salita is disappointed by "shocking" reports that the American heavyweight has failed another drug test.
A man has died after being shot in a park in Kentucky where people had gathered to protest against the death of Breonna Taylor.
Schools, offices, hospitals and other public places should rehearse their response to terrorist attacks, the government says.
Donald Trump has been warned he could face legal action if his campaign continues to use songs by the Rolling Stones.
Unscrupulous breeders are using a surge in demand for puppies during lockdown to sell underage and sick dogs for over the odds prices.
Police have put dispersal zones in place after two large unlicensed music events in south London.
Greta Thunberg has voiced her frustration with world leaders who want selfies with her just so they can "look good".




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