Rookie Foreign Secretary Liz Truss gets the chance to cut her diplomatic teeth in what could be a feisty meeting of counterparts on the UN…
Pope Francis has hit back at conservative critics, saying their undermining of the Catholic Church is the "work of the devil" - and quipped that…
A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a petrol station cashier was killed following a row over a face mask in Germany.
The White House has criticised images that show a US border patrol agent on horseback appearing to use a whip to threaten migrants.
The US will again double the money it gives to help developing nations respond to climate change, President Biden has announced.
The Taliban have announced a list of deputy ministers which excludes the names of any women, despite an international outcry when they announced their all-male…
Russia was responsible for the 2006 assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in London, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.
Britain has named and charged a third Russian military intelligence officer over the Salisbury spy poisonings, in a significant development that will enrage Russia.
A lava flow which has forced the evacuation of thousands of people - including tourists - in the Canary Islands could reach the Atlantic Ocean…
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