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America voted for change - and with Kamala Harris, they have certainly got it.
Six policemen will face a misconduct hearing on Monday after officers were allegedly covertly recorded making homophobic, racist and sexist remarks.
The number of registered deaths that involved COVID-19 in England and Wales has risen for the third week in a row, according to official figures.
Donald Trump is clearly eager to put his battle with COVID-19 behind him and concentrate on getting his re-election campaign back on track.
Labour's deputy leader has called on Health Secretary Matt Hancock to consider quitting over the "disgusting" technology blunder that saw 16,000 coronavirus cases missed by…
Tributes are being paid to an "outstanding" 18-year-old from Northern Ireland who was found dead just days after starting at Newcastle University.
A US teenager who has the world record for the longest female legs is encouraging people with unique physical attributes to "embrace" them.
It can have been no coincidence that it was timed to take place when all three US evening newscasts were on the air.
NHS surgeons say there could be a "tsunami of cancellations" unless hospital beds are "ring-fenced" for planned operations.
Boris Johnson is claiming the coronavirus crisis should be a trigger for green energy, with wind farms powering every home in Britain within a decade.




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