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A black woman was shot dead by police who stormed her home as she slept while searching for a suspect who was already in custody,…
Specialist police officers have been searching a dense forest where missing diplomat Richard Morris was a regular jogger.
The Queen has joined other members of the Royal Family in calling nurses around the world to thank them for their efforts in the face…
Another 627 people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the UK have died, taking the total to 32,692.
A woman's body has been found on a beach in Suffolk and the parents of missing Chelsie Dack have been informed, police have said.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has dealt a blow to any remaining hopes of a foreign holiday this summer, saying such trips are "unlikely" to be…
The wife of a Russian billionaire is bringing legal action against her own son after her husband failed to pay his £450m divorce bill.
Northern Ireland's devolved government has published a five-step plan for gradually emerging from the coronavirus lockdown as science permits.
Three women have been arrested over the death of a baby girl in Portsmouth.
People using public transport in England have been told they should avoid eating and drinking while travelling and to face away from others when they…




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