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Boris Johnson says he entered politics due to the "beginnings of a midlife crisis" in his mid-thirties.
Normally the halls of the Bristnall Hall Academy in Oldbury would be bustling with its 1,000 pupils.
Hundreds of thousands of people who were asked to shield earlier this month are being invited for a COVID-19 vaccination.
Veteran environmental activist Swampy has left an anti-HS2 demonstration in a network of tunnels beneath central London, leaving just one protester left.
Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of damaging Scotland's institution to "save her own skin".
Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of damaging Scotland's institutions to "save her own skin".
The UK's COVID-19 alert level has been downgraded as the threat of the NHS being overwhelmed recedes.
The 15 areas of England to have vaccinated the lowest proportion of adults against COVID-19 are all in London.
More than 18.6 million people have now had their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine in the UK, and second jabs have hit 700,000.
Allowing teachers to award grades to pupils this summer is "as good a compromise as we can come to" following the cancellation of formal exams,…




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