The new and improved local service, supporting people with minor injury needs in Withernsea is proving to be very successful with over 200 people accessing the service in the first 4 months of the pilot.

In September 2020, East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group in collaboration with City Health Care Partnership, Holderness Health GP practice, Graham Stuart MP and Councillor Lyn Healing introduced the new service as a pilot to improve and enhance access to minor injury services in the local area, and it’s been very well used.  In the first four months, the service received, on average, 13 calls a week resulting in 5 face-to-face appointments in Withernsea; 3 referrals to an Urgent Treatment Centre; 1 virtual consultation and around 5 calls that required no treatment or were signposted to alternative services such as a pharmacy. The most common calls were for injuries to feet, hands, legs, fingers and thumbs.

Emma Latimer, Interim Accountable Officer, East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group said, “We are all really pleased the service is demonstrating its value within the local community. We listened to the concerns of residents and put in place a new and improved service with local clinical assessment, which we all felt would better meet the needs of the community.

“The success of the service is due to the collaboration with City Health Care Partnership and Holderness Health GP practice in Withernsea, enabling us to provide a local service within the GP practice.”

CHCP’s Group Chief Executive Andrew Burnell said, “It’s great to see that people in Withernsea are using this service and that it’s helping them get the treatment they need for minor injuries. I’m delighted that this partnership with our GP colleagues is working well for the community.”

Amalia Booker, Chief Executive Officer of Holderness Health said, “This initiative has shown the possibilities of using technology such as our improved telephone system to make services better for patients.  The ultimate result is that where it is safe and appropriate, patients can be seen in person and close to home saving an unnecessary journey.  We are delighted to see such positive results from the first four months.  It’s a great example of how looking at the problem differently and involving a range of partners in coming up with a new solution can bring real benefits for the local community.  We look forward to developing more such projects in the future.”

The service operates from 9am to 5pm (within normal GP practice weekday opening times) to support patients registered at Holderness Health GP Practice with minor injuries including, minor cuts, strains, sprains, bites, scalds, tetanus injection. If a patient has a minor injury, their call is transferred to a healthcare professional, for an initial clinical assessment over the telephone or digitally on-line. Following assessment, patients receive an invitation to attend a face-to-face appointment where appropriate. If the injury is more serious, the practitioner will advise, and where necessary, support them in accessing an Urgent Treatment Centre. Where the person’s condition is considered life or limb threatening, they are advised to call 999 for an ambulance or go immediately to the Emergency Department at Hull Royal Infirmary.