Graham Stuart, Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness, is working with South East Holderness ward councillors Lyn Healing, Sean McMaster and Claire Holmes to tackle fly tipping in Withernsea. 

 Following complaints from local people, Graham raised their concerns with East Riding Council and worked with them to find potential solutions to the issue. One way to tackle this is installing a camera, which the Council has agreed to do on Francis Avenue. This will help identify fly tippers and for swift action to be taken to clean up items that have been dumped. 

 Graham is also encouraging everyone to play their part to keep the town clean by bringing any large items that need to be disposed of to the Household Recycling Centre on Hull Road in the town, which is open 10am-5pm daily. If people choose to leave their rubbish on the street they may receive fines starting from £400 and could be imprisoned.  

 This is just one part of the mission to harness the town's incredible community spirit so that the pride of Withernsea is visible for all to see. Graham is also working with Withernsea High School, the dedicated Town Councillors and local garden centres to build on existing flower displays and ensure the town looks lovely in time for the Summer. 

 South East Holderness Councillors Lyn Healing and Sean McMaster said: "Fly tipping is an ongoing and ever-present issue, which is why we are working closely with Graham to ensure the Council gives our town the resources it needs to tackle this problem.  

 "It is a criminal offence, and we encourage you to let us know of any cases of fly tipping you see in Withernsea and the nearby villages so we can take action." 

 Graham commented: "Fly tipping is a scourge on Withernsea and we must do everything we can to stop these selfish individuals from ruining our streets." 

 "I am delighted East Riding Council has taken early action to tackle this by introducing a camera and I look forward to further action to come."