As part of National Apprenticeship Week, East Riding of Yorkshire Council is encouraging everyone to consider how apprenticeships can help employees develop their career, and help employers create a workforce with future-ready skills.

National Apprenticeship Week (5 to 11 February) celebrates the value, benefits and opportunities that apprenticeships offer. The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is "Skills for Life".

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job experience with formal learning, equipping individuals with practical skills and industry-specific knowledge.

Some of the council's managers and apprentices have been sharing their stories and the benefits apprenticeships can have, both for individuals and for organisations.

Timothy Woodward, superintendent registrar, said apprenticeships were beneficial to the workplace and the individual, with apprentices bringing a fresh perspective and a desire to thrive.

"Apprenticeships are a win-win situation," said Timothy. "The apprentice gains invaluable experience, and we get the benefit of a motivated, eager-to-learn team member."

"Because apprentices have actively chosen this pathway, they are often proactive individuals who are passionate about what they're doing and keen to succeed."

Apprenticeships are suitable for individuals of various ages, ranging from school leavers to adults, providing an opportunity for both young and mature learners to acquire valuable skills and experience in a specific industry.

"We could have an apprentice in their 20s, or one in their late 30s," says Timothy. "A younger apprentice would likely bring a fresh perspective and a thirst to learn. On the other hand, a mature apprentice might be more streetwise.


Tim Woodward Picture 1


IMAGE: Superintendent registrar Timothy Woodward (Picture: East Riding of Yorkshire Council)

"Regardless of their age or background, an apprentice can contribute to a skilled, loyal workforce, reducing recruitment expenses and creating a talent pool of individuals who understand the company's values and processes.

"Apprenticeships aren't just about teaching skills, they are about nurturing the future of our workforce."

Apprenticeships are a potential option for many employees and there are many different levels.

"For an apprentice to join a team, a manager would need to identify an entry-point role that would be suitable," Timothy explains. "The role would need to have a clear progression path, so if the apprentice stayed on with the company, they would have a role to go in to.

"We have had success with apprentices in the past - registration receptionist Rachel Queeley is one good example"

Rachel said she thoroughly enjoyed her experience as an apprentice, and, after passing with a distinction, hopes to have a full-time role within the council.

"I have really enjoyed my time as an apprentice for the registration service," said Rachel. "I found the balance between on-the-job training and studying manageable, and I learnt a lot about registration services.

"I hope to continue in my role and progress further in the future."

National Apprenticeship Week is the perfect time to explore the world of apprenticeships, whether you are looking to start your career or invest in your future workforce.

To find out more about apprenticeships, visit: Apprenticeships (