Graham Stuart, Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness, has launched a petition to call for a referendum on the potential Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) in Holderness.

 A referendum would force Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) to make the case to the people of Holderness that this site would be safe.

 Graham is asking residents to sign and share the petition at, knock on doors and display a poster to encourage others to join the campaign.

 Holderness is on a shortlist with three other sites for the UK’s GDF, an underground facility to store the waste from power, medical, industrial and defence nuclear processes for at least 175 years.

 The site would only be chosen if it is the best site from a geological perspective and has consent from the local population.

 The method of consent has not been decided, hence the MP’s call for a referendum to be enshrined in the process before any further discussion.

 If the discussions continue, Holderness could receive around £1 million per year for local causes just for engaging in the conversation. If the geology proves to be suitable, that could rise to £2.5 million per year.

 It would be around ten years before a decision is made on the facility and the vote would take place.

 Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart said: “Nuclear Waste Services tells me that any nuclear waste facility in South Holderness could only go ahead with public consent – but not how that consent will be measured.

 “Well, the people of Holderness deserve the final say on our future. That doesn’t mean a telephone survey. It doesn’t mean a few meetings in village halls, important as those are.

 “We should have a meaningful say in the future of our area and before we start talking about anything else, we need a copper-bottomed guarantee that we will have a referendum on the nuclear waste facility.

 “They want our consent. We want meaningful consent through a referendum.”