The Last Duel is based on real events – set in 14th century France it tells the story of what led to the final time…
The next Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the Italian city of Turin, after the country topped the leaderboard at this year's event.
Photographer extraordinaire Rankin has launched one of the biggest projects of his career, by attempting to snap 200 people from the world of theatre to…
Claire Foy will star in a new drama about Facebook's brutal rise to prominence, as high-powered platform executive Sheryl Sandberg.
Jesy Nelson has released her first single as a solo artist since leaving the smash-hit girl band Little Mix last year.
Adele has opened up about her son, dating and working out in an interview with Vogue - making history as the first person to appear…
While speculation over whether the Queen watches The Crown rarely abates, the Royals as a rule say they don't watch fiction based on their lives
Far Cry has been a staple of the open-world, first-person-shooter video games, and today, the franchise showcases its biggest iteration yet.
Tanzanian writer Abdulrazak Gurnah had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for his works exploring the legacies of imperialism on uprooted individuals. 
Jake Gyllenhaal has admitted that filming sex scenes with Jennifer Aniston for their film The Good Girl was "awkward".




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