Britain's wind farms set a new clean energy record on Monday, generating almost half of the electricity system, thanks to the blustery bank holiday weather.
It has been one of the most-asked questions in the worlds of business and investment: just who will succeed Warren Buffett - arguably the most…
Jewellery giant Pandora has announced that it will stop selling mined diamonds as it launched a collection using lab-created versions of the gems.
Ian King talks to guests on the UK's new post-Brexit trade deal with India, a new partnership between Uber and Arrival to design purpose-built electric…
Richard Scudamore, the former Premier League chief, has joined forces with one of the world's leading private equity investors in elite sport as pandemic-induced pressure…
There is growing evidence the economy is finding a new gear following more than a year of coronavirus disruption, with two readings of activity showing…
Uber has revealed a partnership with a UK van and bus-maker to produce an electric car that aims to be "purpose-built" for its drivers.
An Indian company says it is to hire 1,000 new staff in the UK to help it meet a surge in demand for digital services.
The prime minister has announced new trade with India that could create more than 6,500 jobs.
Bill Gates and his wife Melinda are to get divorced, he has said.




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