Britain's aviation watchdog has been accused of "failing" passengers over delayed refunds for flights cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
Few companies could write down the value of their assets by $16.8bn (£12.9bn) in a single quarter and live to tell the tale.
The proposed takeover of Newcastle United by a Saudi-backed investment fund has been called off.
John Lewis is looking at turning empty stores into privately rented housing as it moves to expand beyond its traditional retail offer and safeguard the…
It's been a staple of UK retailing for almost 50 years and was the basis for many a child's Christmas wishlist, but after more than…
Tour operator Tui is to close 166 high street stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland in response to the downturn in travel…
Tour operator Tui is to shut 166 high street stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland in the face of the downturn in…
The owner of UK car dealership brands Evans Halshaw and Stratstone has announced plans to cut 1,800 jobs.
The veteran newspaper executive David Montgomery has joined forces with a leading turnaround fund to plot a takeover of one of Britain’s biggest regional newspaper…
Workers on furlough who lose their jobs will get redundancy pay based on their normal wage, under new laws in force from today.




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