Don't miss the wise words of the 105.3 Seaside FM 'Star Goddess', Janet Sciales who brings you your daily horoscopes during the week in Lisa's Daybreak show (5-7am), the Breakfast Show (7-10am) and the Morning Show (10-12noon).

She'll encourage you to get up, get busy and have a fun day in Withernsea & Holderness.

Lisa met Janet, who is a professional AstroAnalyst during a radio station visit to Q105 in Tampa, Florida. She is a well known personality in the Sunshine State and joins the hugely popular Q105 breakfast show host, Mason Dixon during his show every day.

Janet uses astrology to helo you see the choices you have in front of you and their possible outcomes so you can choose a path that is right for you.

She believes you you make your future happen through the choices in the here and now; choose wisely and you have a good outcome, choose poorly and you have a poor outcome. Free will means we can choose to act and choose not to act.

Most people want to know about love, money and health and she does personal readings and is available for phone and Skype consultations as well as via email to answer your questions about the here and now.

You can email Janet : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Found out more at her website : www.janetsciales.com