Derrick Scott: Footage released of black man who died last year after saying 'I can't breathe' as officer said 'I don't care'

June 11, 2020

New footage has been released of a black man saying "I can't breathe" during his arrest last year as a white officer says he does not care - before the victim died in hospital.

Derrick Scott, 42, can be heard repeatedly asking for his medicine as he struggles for air, in the police body camera footage from 20 May 2019, released this week by Oklahoma City police department.

"I don't care", says officer Jarred Tipton after tackling Mr Scott to the ground when he ran away from police, after allegedly brandishing a gun in a car park.

Another officer can be heard a couple of minutes later saying: "You can breathe just fine."

After several minutes, Mr Scott appears unresponsive and one of the officers can be heard on the phone to paramedics saying: "He's acting like he's unconscious."

Mr Scott was taken by ambulance to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The incident mirrors that of George Floyd, who was killed after a police officer knelt on his neck during his arrest as he said: "I can't breathe."

Mr Scott's family said he is one of many "George Floyds" and looking at the video of his arrest in Minnesota last month is like reliving Mr Scott's death.

A post-mortem obtained by NBC News showed Mr Scott's cause of death as a collapsed lung - with physical restraint, recent methamphetamine use, asthma, emphysema and heart disease as "significant" contributing factors.

It says the police response did not result in "fatal trauma", with his manner of death listed as "undetermined".

The incident started after officers were called to an area south of downtown Oklahoma City just before 2pm after reports of a black man arguing with people and brandishing a gun, Oklahoma City police Captain Larry Winthrow said.

In the footage, Mr Scott can be seen running away from officers after being asked if he has any weapons.

After police tackle and handcuff him, one of the officers can be seen removing a handgun from the suspect's pocket.

An officer administered CPR on Mr Scott after he became unconscious and before paramedics arrived.

The three officers involved, Mr Tipton, Ashley Copeland and Sergeant Jennifer Titus, were all cleared of misconduct.

Mr Tipton's comments about Mr Scott being able to "breathe just fine" were just "heat of a conflict", Captain Winthrow said.

"Certainly that may be something an officer says," he told NBC affiliate KFOR.

"Just understand - the officers are fighting with someone at that point."

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Mr Scott's family has called for the officers to be sacked and prosecuted.

His mother, Vickey Scott, said: "Just reliving this all over again is like reliving his death.

"And watching George Floyd, there's a lot of George Floyds - my son was one of them."

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