Nearly 50,000 salmon escape from Scottish fish farm damaged by Storm Ellen

August 26, 2020

Nearly 50,000 salmon escaped and another 30,000 died after a Scottish fish farm was damaged by Storm Ellen.

Strong winds and tides hit the North Carradale farm of fish supplier Mowi on 20 August.

The company said the storm had caused mooring ropes attached to seabed anchors to break in four of the 10 pens, with two of the nets tearing.

Mowi said more than 550,000 salmon were kept at the farm near the Isle of Arran.

Some 48,834 escaped, 30,616 died and 125,900 were harvested from the damaged pens.

The pens were put back in their original location on Tuesday.

Mowi said the 4.8cm thick rope had a break strength of 89.5 tonnes, twice what is required, and that it had been sent to Aberdeen for testing.

Storm Ellen's high winds have been followed this week by more bad weather for many in the UK due to Storm Francis.

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