California: Suspects 'throw $1m in drug money' from car during police chase

May 06, 2020

Nearly one million dollars in suspected drug money has allegedly been discarded from a car by a suspect during a high-speed chase with police.

The man pulled over and put two cardboard boxes full of cash on the side of a highway in central California, before getting back in the vehicle and driving off again, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said.

The force, which arrested two men, said it believes the money was going to be used to buy marijuana in northern California.

It said in a post on Facebook it had "received several 911 calls regarding the cardboard boxes that were dropped off on the shoulder.

"Officers retrieved the cardboard boxes and located US currency estimated to be $915,000 (£739,000)."

The chase began when CHP officer Eric Zuniga, travelling with his dog Beny, tried to pull over one of three SUVs that appeared to be travelling together just south of Los Banos, just before 6.30pm on Friday.

The vehicle, a black 2020 Chevrolet Suburban, failed to stop and instead fled and later another of the vehicles, a black Ford Expedition, reportedly tried to block the officer's car.

Police said: "At one point during the pursuit, the driver of the Chevrolet Suburban stopped on the right shoulder, exited the vehicle and dropped two cardboard boxes off before returning to the vehicle and continuing to flee.

"Shortly after dropping the boxes on the shoulder, the driver of the Chevrolet Suburban stopped his vehicle and surrendered," police said.

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One of the other drivers was arrested, but the third escaped and has not been found.

Frank Capraro, 23, and Desmond McDay, 25, both from New York, were arrested on Friday according to the Merced Sun Star and officers said charges are pending.​

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