COVID-19: More than 2.3m vaccine jabs given across England - as Midlands leads the way

January 14, 2021

More than 2.3 million coronavirus vaccinations have been administered across England so far - with the Midlands leading the way in giving the most jabs.

New NHS data shows 2,371,407 doses have been given in total across the country - that includes 1,997,304 first doses and 374,103 second doses - in the week leading up to 10 January.

Most vaccines have been delivered in the Midlands (447,329), followed by 433,045 in the North East and Yorkshire and 411,257 in the South East.

A total of 237,524 had been administered in London.

The city's mayor Sadiq Khan has claimed the capital is not getting its fair share of doses, saying he is "hugely concerned".

He said he would hold talks with vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi "to ensure that we urgently receive an amount of the vaccine that reflects our size, density and the level of need in our city".

Here is regional breakdown on vaccine doses:

• England: 1,997,204 (1st dose), 374,103 (2nd dose) - 2,371,407 (total)

• East of England: 186,291 (1st dose), 49,732 (2nd dose) - 236,023 (total)

• London: 199,986 (1st dose), 37,538 (2nd dose) - 237,524 (total)

• Midlands: 387,647 (1st dose), 59,682 (2nd dose) - 447,329 (total)

• North East and Yorkshire: 370,694 (1st dose), 62,351 (2nd dose) - 433,045 (total)

• North West: 266,585 (1st dose), 51,860 (2nd dose) - 318,445 (total)

• South East: 348,863 (1st dose), 62,394 (2nd dose) - 411,257 (total)

• South West: 235,108 (1st dose), 50,224 (2nd dose) - 285.332 (total)

• Other: 2,130 (1st dose), 322 (2nd dose) - 2,452 (total)

Analysis of the data by Sky's Paul Kelso and Ganesh Rao points to London having the lowest vaccination rate of the regions.

Just 2.9% of people of all ages in the capital have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine - well below the 5.5% who have been reached in the North East & Yorkshire, the best-performing NHS region in terms of total coverage.

The East of England has the second-lowest total with 3.7%, followed by the Midlands at 4.7%, the North West at 4.8%, the South East at 5% and the South West at 5.2%.

The figures come ahead of UK daily vaccinations data, due to be released later today by Public Health England.

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