Lewis Hamilton under investigation over yellow flags at Austian GP

July 04, 2020

Lewis Hamilton's second place on the Austrian GP grid could be under threat with the Mercedes driver under investigation after qualifying.

The Mercedes driver was summoned to the stewards on two counts on Saturday night - allegedly failing to slow for yellow flags on his final lap after polesitter Valtteri Bottas went off the track, and also running wide off the circuit earlier in Q3 at Turn 10.

It is the alleged yellow-flag infringement that could cause Hamilton problems in terms of his grid penalty if found guilty.

In a statement stewards said Hamilton had been called for "allegedly failing to slow for yellow flags between turns 5 and 7 (marshalling sectors 9 and 10) at 15:59, alleged breach of Appendix H, Art.".

Speaking after qualifying, Hamilton said he couldn't see the yellow flags caused by Bottas running wide and onto the gravel.

"Not that I saw, no," the Englishman said when asked if there were yellow flags.

"I came round the corner, got on the power and I thought that Valtteri had perhaps gone wide and then come back on further up the road. So I was looking out for the gravel on the track and the car on the track, but there was nothing there so I continued.

"Then I saw going into Turn Six, that Valtteri was much further to the left. So it happened pretty quick and it was a pretty big puff of dust."

More to follow...

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