Bournemouth player tests positive for coronavirus during latest Premier League testing

May 24, 2020

Bournemouth have confirmed one of their players tested positive for coronavirus in the Premier League's second round of testing.

The club have not named the player, who will self-isolate for seven days before being tested again.

The Premier League revealed the results of a second batch of tests on Saturday, with a total of two people from two separate clubs testing positive. Six positive tests were returned from the first phase of testing.

A total of 996 tests were carried out in the second run of mass testing, with the number of tests available to each club increased from 40 to 50.

In a statement, Bournemouth said: "Medical confidentiality means the player's name will not be disclosed, and the club asks for this to be respected.

"In line with Premier League protocols regarding positive tests, he will self-isolate for a period of seven days before being tested again at a later date.

"Following strict adherence of the Premier League's return to training regulations, the club's training ground remains a safe working environment for players and backroom staff, who will continue to be tested for Covid-19 twice per week."

All 20 clubs have carried out two rounds of testing, with clubs due to take part in a third round on Monday and Tuesday.

Eight positive tests have been returned out of a total of 1,744 tests conducted in the first two rounds, which equates to 0.45 per cent of the tests coming back positive.

Watford's Adrian Mariappa and two members of the club's non-playing staff, as well as Burnley assistant manager Ian Woan, were among the six positive tests for coronavirus in the first round of Premier League testing.

Those six were not included in the latest figures as they are still within their seven-day isolation period. A total of 748 tests were conducted in the first round of testing last Sunday and Monday.

Encouraging signs for the Premier League

Analysis from Sky Sports News chief reporter Bryan Swanson...

Two new positive results out of nearly 1,000 tests will provide further encouragement for the Premier League as it moves tentatively towards 'Project Restart'.

These latest figures again show that coronavirus is not widespread in all 20 clubs at the moment, at least not amongst an average of 47 people tested per club in the second round.

The fact there are any positive tests must be taken seriously and those two individuals must self-isolate for seven days before they take a further COVID-19 test.

They cannot attend the training ground and their clubs will want to establish what contact those individuals had with other people, in particular in the same household.

In theory, they should have not have come into close contact with anyone outside their household since March, under the government's social distancing rules.

It is important to highlight there have been 1,736 negative results in the first two rounds, around 99.5 per cent.

Up to 50 people from each club are now being tested in each round, twice a week, after a request by clubs.

The third round of tests are due to take place on Monday and Tuesday, ahead of a key vote on Wednesday over contact training, subject to government approval.

Fewer positive results over a larger number of tests will ensure cautious optimism for the Premier League.

Clubs need this trend to continue to give the authorities the confidence that it will be safe to resume competitive games at some point next month.

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