Graham Stuart MP has called on East Riding Council and the RNLI to reconsider a short notice decision to withdraw weekday lifeguard coverage of Withernsea beach this week, at the height of the summer holiday season. 

This was the result of a combination of factors including loss of staff, and assessment by the Council and the RNLI based on data and availability.

Graham said: “It is totally unacceptable to withdraw coverage in this way, at a time when local businesses in Withernsea are struggling to rebuild what they lost over the past two appalling years, and to direct visitors to other East Yorkshire beaches. Withernsea is arguably one of the safer beaches on this stretch of coast, but not if lifeguard cover goes.  I will not stand by and see Withernsea abandoned in this way.  I am calling on the RNLI to resume coverage and I will do all I can to help them do so.”

Withernsea Town Council Clerk, Jayne Moxon, said: “The withdrawal has happened overnight and has come completely out of the blue. People are working very hard in the town to increase visitor footfall during the essential summer months for the local economy, and the caravan parks are as busy as they have ever been. The town is already very busy.   People will undoubtedly move on from Withernsea to the guarded beaches – as advised by the RNLI. We understand that recruitment issues are the driver for the decision, but any cuts should have been more fairly applied.  It’s so disappointing that no one thought to raise this with us before the decision was made.”

Councillor Lyn Healing, who represents South East Holderness, commented: “To say that I am extremely disappointed in this news is an understatement, we have recently been awarded the Blue Flag and now the RLNI have suggested people go to a safe beach where lifeguards are in attendance...just unbelievable. No consultation has been undertaken with Ward Councillors or Withernsea Town Council prior to this announcement. I am sure with a little more thought a flexible rota between all areas could and should be implemented as soon as possible.”