Hollywood director Joel Schumacher, who made two Batman films after rising to fame with hits including St Elmo's Fire and The Lost Boys, has died…
Lennie James says we need to ditch our obsession with fame and start to value the "everyday heroes" who contribute to society in less glamorous…
Mr Bean has been drafted in to make a series of key points about staying safe and maintaining social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.
Actress Megan Fox has said the resurfaced TV interview where she describes being asked to dance in a bikini and heels aged 15 "casts a…
A TV interview in which actress Megan Fox describes being asked to dance in a bikini and heels aged 15 has resurfaced.
Justin Bieber has denied allegations of sexual abuse, saying "there is no truth" to a claim he assaulted a woman six years ago.
The family of late singer Tom Petty has issued Donald Trump with a cease and desist notice after he played one of his songs at…
The guitar used by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain during the band's famous MTV Unplugged concert in New York has sold for $6m (£4.85m) at auction.
Alexandra Burke says she was told to bleach her skin "to look whiter" and have "hair that appeals to white people" in order to sell…
Fans of the summer solstice have been told to stay away from Stonehenge this year and encouraged to log in rather than turn up.




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